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Year 2


In our Literacy we will explore the picture book: ‘What do you do with a tail like this’. We will continue to develop children’s letter formation, word, and sentence structure. We will use expanded noun phrases and precise verb choice to expand our sentences.

In phonics, we will be reviewing phase 5 and then moving on to No Nonsense Spellings. We are using the Little Wandle phonic scheme to guide our teaching of phonics. There are some great resources and useful videos in the parent section of their website. Please take a look for further information. resources/for-parents/

As Mathematicians we will be focusing on numbers 10 to 100, considering the place value of these numbers. We will use a variety of representations including real life examples to deepen the children’s mathematical understanding.

As Musicians we will be learning to develop our understanding of pitch and rhythm – using our voices to sing and exploring the effect of changing dynamics and pitch.

In RE we will be learning about the creation story, considering our natural world and how we can best look after it. We will also be discussing Christian beliefs and festivals such as the Harvest Festival and why it is important in the Christian community.

In PE, pupils will apply their knowledge of how, where and why to dodge. Pupils will learn the roles of attacking and defending and start to understand when we attack and when we defend.

As Design Technologists we will be learning about food technology. We will learning about preparing food and what constitutes healthy eating.

As Scientists we will learn about everyday materials. We will look at a variety of materials and their properties. We will carry out practical investigations as well as making predictions, discussing what makes a ‘fair test’ and drawing upon conclusions.

As Geographers we will be learning about seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and how this varies. We will explore this in the context of the countries in the UK as well as the local area. Children will have opportunities to observe and record different types of weather.

As Historians we will learn about the Great Fire of London and Guy Fawkes. We will explore how the Great Fire of London changed the way houses are built and influenced the development of the fire brigade.

As Artists we will explore different drawing techniques in relation to the natural world. We will be focusing on art work created by Maria Sibylla Merian.

In Computing we will be learning about information technology around us. We will explore the different features of information technology which is used inside and outside of school.

In PSHE we will learning about relationships – thinking about how we can be kind to each other, who helps us and looks after us and what healthy relationships look like.